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Galician Literature Day

Galician Literature Day 2019 and 2020

On 17 May the annual celebration of Galician Literature Day takes place in the Spanish region of Galicia. This day commemorates the publication in 1863 of a work by Rosalía de Castro called Cantares Gallegos, which sparked a Renaissance of Galician poetry and literature.

Year Date Day Holiday Autonomous Communities
2019 17 May Fri Galician Literature Day Galicia
2020 17 May Sun Galician Literature Day Galicia

Most people in Galicia speak Spanish but also speak the local Galician tongue, which is related both to Spanish and to Portuguese. Many are proud of their local language and culture and celebrate it on Galician Literature Day.

In 1963, a hundred years after the “Rexurdimento”, or Galician Renaissance, began, the first Galician Literature Day was observed. Every year, the Royal Galician Academy selects one or more authors to focus on during the holiday. And many people read Galician poems and writings or attend public recitations of such literature.